Xbox One and PS4 to Support 3D Blu-ray Playback

Microsoft and Sony have announced that their current generation systems are to support 3D blu-ray playback in future patches – that’s Xbox One and Ps4 respectively. Xbox One creator Microsoft was first to reveal such plans announcing that the the system would begin support for the media in the August update for the system. Not…


See the Latest Steam Control Design

A new version of Valve’s previously announced steam controller has been revealed. Shown of by SteamDB’s twitter account this latest rendition appears to have added a thumb stick, and both of the touch pads remain present.   We last saw Steam’s control last year, when it was revealed quite close to the Steam Machine initiative.


Metrico Coming to Vita August 6th

Digital Dreams platformer Metrico is coming to Playstation Vita this August 6. The release date was revealed on the Playstation Blog by the developers level designer Roy Van De Mortel who described the project as being “a crazy ride for us. We laughed and cried; saw girlfriends come and go; travelled the world for events;…