I’ve Never Played Minecraft Episode 8 Home Improvements and Terrible Moats

Welcome back to another episode of I’ve Never Played Minecraft! In this eighth episode I take a bit of downtime and set about updating my rudimentary home. Want to catch up on previous episodes? Check ‘em below: Episode 1  ¦ Episode 2 ¦  Episode 3  ¦  Episode 4  ¦  Episode 5  ¦  Episode 6  ¦  Episode 7


Driveclub Review

Playing Driveclub is like dating that stereotypical hottest girl in school. At first glance she’s undeniably gorgeous, and for a while the relationship is a great deal of fun. But then the excitement begins to waver as it becomes apparent she’s not all that exciting to be with, she never wants to do anything different. See Driveclub does…