Top Three Multi-Platform Next Gen Launch Games

Difficult to believe that the next generation of Microsoft and Sony’s respective Xbox and Playstation home consoles are so close to being released, isn’t it? What once felt like a whole lifetime away is now a date that rests only a month in the future for those dedicated gamers lucky enough to take up residence in America who’ll usher the Playstation 4 into their entertainment centres on the 15th November. Playstation doesn’t have the market to itself for long however as Xbox One makes its début on 22nd November across thirteen territories including America and Europe – the PS4 will follow shortly in Europe one week later again on 29th November. Now’s when all the gaming faithful around the world start pouring onto the hype train but, what games are they really excited to play?

Everyone has a system of preference, though some are a little more obnoxiously vocal about professing their love than others. Regardless of allegiance everyone actually needs games to play and, launch day line-ups are notorious for their general lack of spectacular games rarely parading a “killer app” in their midst. Out of the choices on offer what are the titles that people should pick up? Well I plan to answer that question over the next week with a round up of the three best choices that are on offer exclusive to each machine and three that are multi-platform. Since you’ve been kind enough to read this far it seems only right we start with what everyone can play, those now abundant multi platform titles.

Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag

Assassins Creed 4

Okay, now this choice is controversial for a number of reasons, just hear me out. Lets tackle the elephant in the room first, Assassins Creed III was not a great game, some may argue it wasn’t even good. I’d myself tell you ACIII was a massive let down with a great many problems not least that it still didn’t control wonderfully well even after years of previous titles to learn from. Despite the glaring faults of it’s predecessor it’s important to point out ACIV is a new leaf and a new chance to impress us with a return to form. It takes the powerful fun naval combat of ACIII expanding upon it greatly in it’s pirate inspired world and, has the chance to learn from the past incorporating the best parts of other entries whilst trimming the poor design choices that plagued ACIII.

That’s not to say that this will be a definite hit critically- though I’m sure it’s commercial success is firmly secured. Dubious reports suggesting at least five hours of the game is set in the present have been leaked, a pet peeve of mine I don’t play Assassins Creed to wander around modern day, I want to live in the past for a few hours. That’s where playing on next generation becomes a lot more persuasive, Assassins Creed is about getting immersed in the finely constructed intricate worlds of the past and, where better to do that the more technically powerful next gen. Sure, that means waiting a few extra weeks but, the other extras like PS4 touch pad support surely makes waiting worth it.

Battlefield 4

Battlefield 4

Since it’s showing at E3 this year Battlefield 4 has had a lot of hype behind it, apparently seeing a skyscraper collapse in real time whilst players parachute out of it to safety gets people excited. In truth it was a thrilling demo, yet it remains to be seen how many times someone can do that before it becomes routine rather than adrenaline pumping. Even so this is a game that looks promising, though it’s success is wholly reliant on developer DICE getting the multiplayer to a point where it’s rewarding enough to keep coming back, this isn’t a game for single player fanatics. They’re off to a good start too as the Xbox One and PS4 versions will allow for more players per battle than has been previously been possible.

It’s not all good news for the upcoming FPS though many industry insiders have alluded to the PC version being visually impressive whilst it’s console counter parts are tipped to look less wonderful, though this has only been confirmed on Xbox One; that’s only because we’ve never seen it running on Playstation 4. Apparently textures are noticeably less detailed than we’ve been treated to in demo’s – unsurprising really as it was more than likely shown on a top of the range PC. Besides it’s apparent loss of visual fidelity there’s little reason to believe the title won’t live up to potential, do people really play battlefield for visuals anyway? Xbox One owners are the lucky ones here as they have the extra perk of early DLC too.

Call of Duty: Ghosts

COD Ghosts

Sure, this is a choice that’s as predictable as it is necessary. Within the last generation one franchise grew from a small popular series into a worldwide craze that shifts millions of units and is as synonymous with gaming as the greats like Grand Theft Auto and Mario; that game is Call Of Duty. Love it or loathe it it’s here to stay and whilst most either compulsively adore it or obsessively hate it, a level minded person can see there’s some less than desirable traits here but a quality product underneath. Yeah, the games are often fairly similar rarely iterating in any serious manner but, this time freshly staffed veteran developer Infinity Ward are at the helm – so who knows how they’ll mix it up with things like a dog!

Out of all the launch day titles they’re few that are as reliable as Call Of Duty, if you’re looking for a great online First Person Shooter it’s hard to go wrong, at least here you know your money is well spent. Previews haven’t flaunted Ghosts next gen capabilities so it’s a safe bet it’s more or less a port up to PS4 and Xbox One. Even if it’s just a port buyers know they’re going to have the best looking, most reliable and strongest online aspects versus the older systems. For all it’s safety it’s a fun fast paced well put together shooting experience; you’d be hard pressed to do better. Again Xbox One has the edge here, Xbox and Call of Duty are partners in crime so expect to have DLC well before those guys over at Playstation.

There you have it, the top 3 multi platform games that release on launch day across Playstation 4 and Xbox One. Don’t just take my word for it though, if you agree or disagree pop your comments below or to me @DanJCol on Twitter. Remember to follow Gamerree so you don’t miss the next two instalments where we discuss the best launch day exclusives.


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