Top Three Playstation 4 Launch Titles

Next gen, even the words send a tingle of anticipation down the spine of any enthusiastic gamer. The hardware, the new online infrastructures and even new UI’s, there’s so many reasons to get pumped for Xbox One and Playstation 4’s long awaited arrival. Whilst new features are tantalizing the single most important reason we’re all ready to buy a new ominous black box is for the latest and greatest games. A few days ago I discussed the top three multiplatform titles people should be excited about, but now it’s time to get a bit more specific starting with the top three Playstation 4 exclusives.

Last generation was rocky for the once dominant Playstation brand, a plethora of blunders damaged PS3’s reputation in it’s early life, things like poor online systems, overly expensive hardware and their own brand of cockiness. It left them in a sad position, now of course they’ve turned much of their misfortunes around by coming to terms with the problems they caused themselves – too late to recapture the North American market which they lost to the rival Xbox mind. This coming generation Playstation has devoted themselves to the core gamer to a hugely positive response, reactions show many lost fans contemplating a return from Xbox –  whether they actually do of course remains to be seen. Regardless Sony has a knack for exclusivity, this should be where they shine. So here is Playstation 4’s Top 3 Launch Day Exclusives

Killzone: Shadow Fall


It’s entirely possible that the Killzone series maybe one of the most opinion dividing not just across the launch line-up but across the last generation in general. Time and again Sony has attempted to make Killzone it’s flagship first person shooter, today it’s popularity pales in comparison to the Xbox exclusive Halo or multiplatform hits Call Of Duty and Battlefield. I must confess I never really loved Killzone, or particularly liked it. It’s pseudo future World War II setting had so much potential that was never fully realised and it’s mechanics felt heavy like aiming a stubborn cannon. However, recently released Vita exclusive Killzone: Mercenary gave me confidence in the series once more, whilst story issues remained the shooting felt vastly improved.

If the Vita entry is any indication this could be the Killzone that finally realises it’s potential. Moving the narrative 70 years in the future means the slate can be wiped clean for story telling, ditching the World War II vibe in favour of something with a Cold War tang. Guerilla have been keen to flaunt their multiplayer systems too touting the various classes that can be chosen from:  Assault, Support and Scout – the traditional trio. They’ll compete across game modes through an option called Warzone that allows players to effectively build their own game types, save them, share them and add them to playlists. Besides that it looks real pretty and, it’s the only exclusive launch FPS between Xbox One and PS4.



Knack was announced at this year at E3, it’s a game that gets a lot of criticism for the relatively small amount of attention that’s actually focused on it. Detractors cite it’s childish looks and reportedly easy difficulty level as reasons to drain excitement. Headed up by the man in charge of the Playstation 4 hardware Mark Cerny, who was closely involved with historic favourites like Crash, Spyro and Jak and Daxter, Knack is a delightful platformer in the vain of the previously mentioned games that Cerny specialises in. It’s easy to shrug off as a childish game that looks unimpressive versus some of the other titles that have been shown but, this a game that only next gen can do – look at all little protagonist Knacks moving parts, that’s enough to blow up your Playstation 3.

Truth is there’s very little to say about Knack, Sony has chosen to showcase small amounts of the charming platformer since it’s unveiling – likely due to cold reception from fans. Knack may just look like a simple old school platformer with a gorgeous art style but, that’s exactly why people should be keeping their eye on this release, no other title releasing in the launch period is remotely like Knack – this is something unique.



Let’s get this out in open straight away, Resogun will be released as downloadable title on the Playstation Network and that shouldn’t be a reason for you to discount it as some sort of sub-par experience. With titles like the Walking Dead and Minecraft available at budget prices digitally it should be a widespread understanding that these experiences can stand up to the best of them. So that’s why I’ve chosen the spiritual successor to Housemarque’s wonderful twin stick shooter Super Stardust as the third entry onto this list. Player’s who’ve experienced any of the three Stardust games will surely understand why it is this is a must play.

Initial observation, Resogun looks beautiful, that extra horsepower hidden in away in PS4 has blossomed in the form of cool lighting effects and silky shadows that makes the title look spades better than it possibly could have on older hardware. Xbox360 had geometry wars; PS3 had Startdust near their launches, both were wonderful examples of old school top down shooters that had players across the globe chasing their friends high scores. It’s great to see that tradition live on moving into the next generation and for it’s most likely knock down price it’s difficult to find objection.

There you have it, the top 3 Playstation 4 games that release on launch day. Don’t just take my word for it though, if you agree or disagree pop your comments below or to me @DanJCol or @Gamerree on Twitter. Remember to follow Gamerree so you don’t miss the next instalment where we discuss the top 3 Xbox One exclusves. You can read the previous entry about the top three Multiplatforms here.


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