Destiny: The Dark Below Expansion Detailed

Bungie has released details of the first Destiny expansion pack: The Darkness Below.

Speaking on Playstation Blog Eric Osborne, Bungie’s Community and Marketing Relations Manager, revealed the expansion will launch December 9th.


Bungie revealed the content players can expect to get in The Darkness Below. “Players who pick it up for download will be able to earn new weapons, armor, and gear, experience new story quests and missions, play new cooperative activities with their friends, and add three multiplayer Crucible arenas to their competitive rotation with Skyshock, Pantheon, and The Cauldron. In addition to new content, we’re also raising Player Light Level potential to 32, increasing Bounty slots from five to ten”.

It was also revealed Playstation will get an exclusive strike mission “The Undying Mind”. Additionally Bungie is quick to point out a new character “Eris” will play a big role.

We reviewed Destiny earlier this year and liked it a lot.


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