Far Cry 4 PvP Mode Battle of Kyrat Gameplay Shown

Ubisoft has shown off new footage of Far Cry 4’s 5v5 PvP Battle of Kyrat mode.

Effectively a elongated flashback the Battle of Kyrat mode follows the story of Kyrat’s civil war between three sides: Pagan Min’s elite guard, the Rakshasa, and the Golden Path rebellion. Ubisoft says “each faction has their own unique set of weapons and skills and players will have to adapt to their strengths and weaknesses”.

Firstly the Rakshasa,mythical warriors of Kyrat, have strong ties to natural surroundings; they have the ability to call upon animals to aid them in battle. The Rakshasa can only use traditional weapons like bows. Second up is the Golden Path who’re all about arsenal: guns, vehicles and tech-enhanced capabilities. They have access to a variety of weapons including assault rifles, shotguns, and explosives. Finally, the Golden Path has access to bell towers, allowing them to spot the hidden enemy from far away.

Battle of Kryat mode revolves around 5v5 matches of “Asymmetrical gameplay where the players take on each faction”. Ubisoft suspects each match will last about 20 minutes and at launch will feature 3 modes and 10 maps.

Excited for Far Cry 4’s guns, story, world and mad man villain? No then check out those videos.

We also recently learnt of the games season pass content.


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