Free DLC Coming to Resogun This November

November looks to be a busy month for Resogun with free DLC on the way for Housemarquee’s arcade shooter.

Ian Pickles from XDev Studio Europe discussed the content players can afford to look forward to this coming month. Most of the content revolves around new costumes for the adorable humans players strive to save in the, new Halloween and Movember costumes are on the way.


All players have to do to grab the Halloween content is log in between before November 1st and log in during November for the Movember costume.


Addtionally Ian teased future announcements including “anniversary celebrations”, “updates for our season pass members” and more. They also teased a new picture for new content saying “In the meantime, to whet your appetite, here’s a screenshot of a human, dressed like a commando, shooting never before seen ships in a new environment at an angle that could only be possible using some sort of photo mode perhaps? Take from that what you will”


We loved Resogun when we played it. It’s Heroes expansion was great too.



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