Top 10 Games of 2014

2014 has been something of a strange year. Acting as the first full year of Playstation 4 and Xbox One’s lives it’s felt a little like a transitional year. New concepts and IP’s take their first steps alongside known quantities to live up to the full promise of “next gen” – and not all of them meet the vast expectations. Many more developers tinker behind the scenes preparing their next gen debut’s busily but behind closed doors – many of the most anticipated games are yet to come. The result is a somewhat quiet year without a clear GOTY, but plenty of great games regardless. Without much more ado, here are my top 10 games of 2014.

#10 – Titanfall (Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC)


Taking tenth place on the list is Titanfall. The sci-fi first person shooter was one 2014’s most anticipated games, starting the year poised as the next big first person shooter – a Call of Duty killer if you will. Developed by former Infinity Ward staff, a team famed for their work on COD, reborn as Respawn Entertainment Titanfalls promise was real. And while Titanfall hardly slammed COD into the ground like so many predicted it was a startlingly great game in it’s own right.

Cutting out the fat of a campaign Titanfall chose to focus purely on competitive multiplayer. Placed in teams of five players faced off against one another over large battlefields, ones whose verticality matched their breadth. Encouraging players to wall run, leap, double jump and parkour as much as it asked them to stay on the ground, Titanfall had a level of mobility unmatched by other online shooters. Titanfalls fire fights were dynamic and way more fast paced than many were used to. Each team also had an army of AI controlled grunts to help them win the day, it was easy to soak up points killing the mindless grunts – even in bad matches Titanfall made sure there was someone you could always take out.

Titanfall’s biggest draw though was of course it’s namesake, the player controlled mech suits – Titans. Summonable in battle Titans come equipped with their own customisable loadouts. “Stand by for Titanfall” are words burned into the collective consciousness of every player, at its utterance the mechanical monsters would descend from the heavens with a satisfying ripple preceding to cut through the atmosphere. Jump in and you own the battlefield, all except for other Titans and well equipped on foot players will a plan.

Titanfall made sure you always felt powerful, were always moving and more importantly always contributing. It’s fast paced gunplay was welcome in a world of competitive shooter dominated by Battlefield and Call of Duty, and moving forward we can’t wait to see more.

Read the Titanfall review.


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