Towerfall Dev Teases New Expansion Archers

The developer behind the competitive 4 player archery game Towerfall revealed some of the upcoming expansions new playable archer.

Previously they had announced the existence of the new red archer, but this new post on their blog details four more heroes coming in the Dark World expansion pack.

Blue archer

These new characters are effectively alternate reality versions of previously playable heroes, including: the blue, green, pink and orange archer.

Follows of the industry might recognise the new blue archer as they’re loosely based off “feminist games critic Anita Sarkeesian” The developer said ” Anita’s work has been an inspiration to the TowerFall team. Her “Tropes vs Women in Games” video series gave us a valuable new lens through which to assess our character designs. TowerFall is about bringing people together, so it’s vitally important that the cast of playable characters makes everyone feel invited to join in”.

What do you think of the new characters? Let us know below.


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