Resogun Defenders Coming To Playstation 4 Next Week

Resogun is set to receive it’s next DLC expansion pack “Defenders” on February 18th.


Developer Housemarque promised on the Playstation Blog that “The Defenders expansion brings with it a huge amount of new content for the game”. Continuing “we’ve worked really hard to make this final expansion a fitting send off for Resogun.” Defenders will be the last DLC pack for Resogun.

Resogun Defenders brings two new modes to the game, Protector and Commando. Protector mode plays traditionally asking players to hold off infinite waves of enemies with the help of new power-ups: “Super Boost, Teleport and automatic city defenses”


Commando mode flips th script asking player to control the human who will “Jump, boost and equip [their] favorite bandanna as [they] aim to defend your home from waves of enemies, volcanic meteors and more”. Commando mode supports both co-operative and competitive multiplayer modes.

In addition to the Resogun Defenders a free updage called challengers is out now which marks “the largest content update to date for the game and brings with it a new system of player levelling which is achieved by earning Challenge Points as a reward for completing new challenges and feats across all existing game modes.”

The Defenders pack will be available for €4.99/£3.99 and is free of charge to all existing season pass owners from the 18th February.


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