Just Which Amiibo is The Most Popular?

Curious to know just which Amiibo’s are the rarest and the most popular, well Nintendo has ust given us the answer.

At an investor call this morning Nintendo showed off some charts detailing just which Amiibo are the most popular in each region. Link finds himself as the most popular figure in most regions except Australia where Mario is top plumber. The top three models are mostly consistent across all regions: Mario, Link and Pikachu. Check out the full chart below:


Perhaps more excitingly Nintendo revealed the models with the highest sold-through rate. Unsurprisingly these are also the rarest models. All the suspects keen Amiibo fans would expect are high on the list across all regions: Marth, Wii Fit Trainer, Villager etc. Check out the list below.


It’s all fascinating information, but it won’t help me get my Charizard.


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