Good Morning Topic – How Short is too Short?

By now I’m sure you’ve all heard that The Order 1886 isn’t a long game. Most critics measure it at something like 7 hours, and that’s including the generous amount of cut scenes, and deliberately slowed now exposition sequences.


For many people a game with a run time of 7 hours isn’t reasonable for the asking price of 40 pounds/ 60 dollars. So many people expect more bang for their buck. Shorter games should cost less, but no one ever says longer games should cost more. Personally I find a perfect length is unique to each game. Some like Alien Isolation go on too long.  Where I’d like Skyrim to be as long as possible. Right now, a short game sounds great. I can blast through and get a full experience in no time. I have the cash, but if I had less money for games would I resent dropping it on a £40 game? I’m not sure.

What do you think though? How long do you like you games? Short and sweet, or epic long time sinks? Let me know below.


One thought on “Good Morning Topic – How Short is too Short?

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