Today in Gaming 23.02.2015 – Axion Verge Coming in March and The Order 1886 Tops UK Charts

I’ve been looking forward to Axiom Verge so much. I love Metroidvania games an incredible amount, it’s cool to finally know when we’ll get our hands on it. There’s some other cool bits going on today too. Let’s get down to it.

Axiom Verge Release Date Announced

We finally know when the one man developed Metroidvania game Axiom Verge will launch on Playstation 4. We’ll get it April 1st in Europe and North Americans will get it one day sooner.


Sole developer Tom Happ announced the date via Sony’s Playstation Blog alongside some other new game details. Happ mostly discussed the games power-ups, or as he describes them “the lifeblood of an exploration-based game.” Like any other metoridvania title power-ups are core to the experience. Happ explains:

New abilities give you access to areas you couldn’t reach before and open up entire new sections of the game. They also open up lots of room for puzzles that can keep players challenged and thinking the entire way.

I don’t want to spoil the power-ups here, in case you really like surprises. I advise you check out Playstation Blog if you’re interested.

Playstation Vita owners will need to wait a little longer for their version as Happ is “still working on the PS Vita version as there are some tools that are still under development.” Even though they won’t launch side by side Axiom Verge will be cross buy compatible.

Axiom Verge will be available for download on PS4 on 1st April for €17.99!

The Order 1886 Tops UK Charts

Sony’s Playstation 4 exclusive The Order 1886 might have divided critical opinion but that hasn’t affected sales.

In the UK Ready at Dawn’s cinematic third person shooter took the top spot in the sales chart becoming Sony’s first top spot exclusive since The Last of Us Remastered.


The Order 1886 beat out stiff competition from big hitters like Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, Evolve, Far Cry 4 and even Grand Theft Auto V.

For now Sony must be happy with the commercial success despite the mixed reaction from fans. Whether or not it can hold the top spot is another question altogether. I really hope it does, I feel the critically community is being overly tough on the experimental title.

Blizzard Promises Micro-Transactions Will Not Come to Diablo III in The West

Concerns have arisen recently that Blizzard plan to bring micro transaction options to Diablo III.

Today Blizzard shot down the accusation that came from data-miners who found files that apparently pointed toward the payment option coming as part of patch 2.2.


Diablo community manager Brandy ‘Nevalistis’ Camel came out to re-assure fans that this was functionality intended for Asian markets.

“We recognize that many players have expressed an interest in micro transactions being added to Diablo III. While we may explore this model in some regions, we have no immediate plans to implement such purchases anytime soon for the Americas (nor European) region.”

There we have it, rumor debunked. Doesn’t really affect me though, I play the Ultimate Evil Edtion on PS4.

Square Enix Drops New Final Fantasy XV Screenshots

Final Fantasy XV is getting a demo shortly, and what better way for Square Enix to celebrate than releasing some new screenshots.ffxvscreenshotduscae230215121424701308jpg-fc57a9_960w ffxvscreenshotduscae230215141424701308jpg-daab88_960w ffxvscreenshotduscae230215151424701309jpg-daab89_960w ffxvscreenshotduscae23021551424701305jpg-318ad4_960w

The game looks visually stunning, but i’m still not sold yet. Too many cars.

If you want a copy of the demo you should pre-order Final Fantasy Type-0 before it’s release on March 17.


That’s all for today. See you tomorrow.


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