Today in Gaming 25.02.2015 – A Day Filled With Indie Joy and Batman

A quick glance at today’s news and it’s obvious that this one belongs to the indie’s. There’s little word from big developers on any projects but who cares when there’s cool Limbo, Velocity 2X and Hotline Miami 2 news? Not me certainly. Oh, there’s a new Batman Arkham Knight Trailer too. Let’s wrap:

Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number Confirmed For March 10th Release

Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number now has an official date. The anticipated sequel will launch on PC, Mac, Linux, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PS Vita on March 10th.

The games North American price will be $15 but those who pre-order over on Steam, Humble and GOG will get 10% off. Naturally this option isn’t available for PlayStation users.

Hotline-Miami Review Title

Both the standard and special versions are available to pre-order. The special version is tempting, after all it comes with the games Remix EP and also is subject to the discount.

As an added bonus owners of Payday 2 will also recevie a bunch of new masks based of those worn by ‘Jacket’ the original Hotline Miami’s ‘hero’

Velocity 2X Coming To Xbox One, PC and Mac

FuturLab the developer of Velocity 2X have plans to bring the game to more platforms thanks to a new partnership with Sierra Games.


The game will migrate from it’s current PS4 and Vita exclusivity to find new homes on Xbox One, PC, Mac and Linux. FuturLab’s own James Marsden had this to say about the deal:

“Self publishing is HARD. I spent more time doing PR and marketing on Velocity 2X than I spent designing levels.”

“I became a bottleneck for the whole project. That was far from ideal.”

“Thanks to blogging it’s now common knowledge that marketing is just as important as making a great-innovative-artistically-stunning-multiple-award-winning-GOTY (some people might say more important). So, given that marketing is vital to success, who could be better suited to hold aloft our creations than Sierra? The best bit is that we retain control of our IP.”

Velocity 2X was pretty cool, it’s great more people will now have a chance to play.

New Arkham Knight Trailer Released.

Rocksteady has released a new trailer for the Batman Arkham Knight, and I’m speechless. Check it out here:

It looks awesome yes? The trailer kicks off with a PEGI ’18’ rating too meaning the game has acheived the UK equivalent of a mature rating, which it received in North America.

The trailer does provide some interesting first looks at Gotham, some of Batman’s new tricks and more importantly who we’ll be fighting.

Looks awesome. Can’t wait.

Limbo Available Now PlayStation 4 

Limbo quietly slipped onto PlayStation 4 today.


This latest version most closely resembles the recently launched Xbox One version. 1080p support and all.

Grab it now on the PlayStation store for the price of £7.39. That is if you haven’t managed to play it already yet.

Platinum Games Debunk Metal Gear Rising 2 Rumours

Finally we end with sadder news. Developer of Metal Gear Rising: Revengence, Platinum Games, has debunked rumours of a second entry. At least the rumoured tease at the Taipei Games show last month.

Speculation was growing with what appeared to be a Metal Gear Rising themed ‘2’ being snuck into sizzle reel at the show. In fact the ‘2’ reflected the celebration of 2 years since launch, not a sequel.


Sad, but true.


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