Today in Gaming 26.02.2015 – Sci-Fi MOBA’s and Fable Legends is Free to Play

Bandai Namco plans to join the MOBA game with a new Sci-fi MOBA called Supernova. Microsoft takes inspiration from League of Legends and moves Fable Legend’s to a free to play model with heroes on rotation. On top of that today we learnt about the Golden Mario Amiibo’s availability, Shovel Knight comes to PS4 and Slender comes to PS4 and Xbox One. Lets break it down:

Bandai-Namco Reveals New Sci-Fi MOBA Supernova

Bandai-Namco has announced a brand new sci-fi MOBA called Supernova being developed by Primal Game Studios.

Primal want Supernova to feel like a return to the MOBA genres roots: the real time strategy. The main change Primal has made to the formula is to your teams AI controlled ‘creeps’. Typically ‘creeps’ are generic monsters spawned by the base, but in Supernova players can customise these enemies can be customised to serve different purposes.


Supernova is about two warring factions: humans vs aliens. The playable fighters are “interstellar races adapted to the unyielding harshness of space.”

Supernova will come to PC sometime this year, with no word on a console release.

Fable Legends is Free To Play

Lionhead’s 4v1 competitive Fable Legends will be free to play when it launches on PC and Xbox One.

Lionhead quoted Riot Games League of Legends as the inspiration behind the decision to go free to play. And they also plan to use the same rotational free hero system as League of Legend.


Four heroes will be playable for free at any given time. Every few weeks the free heroes will rotate. Players can unlock heroes on a permanent basis by spending in-game silver or buying it for real money.

Check out the FAQ for more details.

Nintendo Reveals Golden Mario Amiibo Availability

Ninetendo has revealed that the previously seen mysterious golden Mario Amiibo will be available exclusively at Walmart in North America.

The new figure will go on sales in 3,000 stores starting March 20 for the retail price of $13. That’s the same date as Mario Party 10.


The Golden Mario Amiibo will function the same as any other Amiibo in game.

No word on a release in other regions just yet. Or how to get that Silver Mario either.

Shovel Knight PS4 and Vita Release Date Revealed

Shovel Knight will come to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita on April 21st.

Better yet PlayStation Plus subscribers will be able to get the game for 10% during it’s first week on sale.


Shovel Knight was considered a Game of the Year contender last year when it launched on 3DS and Wii U.

PlayStation owners of Shovel Knight will also get their hands on this cool Kratos DLC.


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