Weekly Round-Up 01.03.2015

Welcome to March everyone, let’s start with what we’ve been up to this last week:


Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3DS Review



“The opportunity to revamp numerous troublesome systems has not been wasted; Majora’s Mask 3DS not only reworks old imperfect systems but adds entirely new quality of life improvements too, making it more accessible than the original.”


Superhero Corner #3: Why We’re More Interested in Ant-Man Than Age of Ultron


“With Age of Ultron drawing ever closer the Avengers first big screen reunion is what I should be focused on. However, the last week or two it’s Ant-Man that’s taken up the lion share of my minds superhero real estate.”

Looking Back at Great Games #2 – Super Mario World

“Super Mario Bros 3 was the entry that really built the foundation for the Mario series we know and love today. Sprawling world maps, unique power ups, Koopa kids and the ability to climb vines were all things that Super Mario Bros 3 brought to the table. SMB3 was when 2D Mario really cemented it’s feel after a really strange second outing. Even today New Super Mario Bros adheres to the formula Super Mario Bros 3 pioneered; Super Mario World was no different. Although it did have the honour of being the first instalment to take those rules and build upon them. ”

Adventures In Gaming #3: My First Ever Madden ’15 Win

“When I started the challenge I knew I’d set the target high, turns out the learning curve was more difficult than anticipated. Confronted by foreign concepts like lines of scrimmage, Madden had be baffled. By the close of last week I’d only managed to battle through the tutorials and only began to fathom how an actual game works. I never set out to write two of these features in a row about the same subject, but it’s clear I still hadn’t got to understand Madden properly in one. So, I set myself the target of playing a few matches, with the ultimate goal of understanding how the game works in practice.”

Opinion Short: The Order 1886 Deserves More Praise



“The faults levied against The Order 1886 are not baseless. For the most part they’re wholly accurate: it is very short, mechanically the shooting is vanilla and it’s irrefutably overly reliant on slow moving segments and cinematics. For many the story seems to end there; the mind is made up: ‘The Order 1886 is boring’. And I couldn’t disagree more. The Order 1886 is beautiful, engaging and tells a remarkably well put together story. And for all these merits I feel it’s been under-appreciated.”

Videogame Soundtrack Spotlight: Mass Effect 3

“For our first week ever I’ve chosen Mass Effect 3. I really like the music of the whole Mass Effect franchise, with the suicide mission theme from Mass Effect 2 being by overall favourite. But Mass Effect 3 is the most well rounded.”

A Week in Video Games, Day by Day

Today in Gaming 27.02.2015 – New Mortal Kombat Fighters and is Molten Core Coming to Hearthstone?

Today in Gaming 26.02.2015 – Sci-Fi MOBA’s and Fable Legends is Free to Play

Today in Gaming 25.02.2015 – A Day Filled With Indie Joy and Batman

Today in Gaming 24.02.2015 – GTAV PC Delayed Again and Arkham Knight is Rated ‘M’

Today in Gaming 23.02.2015 – Axion Verge Coming in March and The Order 1886 Tops UK Charts

Good Morning Topics

Good Morning Topic 01.03.2015 – New Stuff or Sequels?

Good Morning Topic 28.02.2015 – Do You Play Public Betas?

Good Morning Topic 27.02.2015 – Have You Played Shovel Knight?

Good Morning Topic 26.02.2015 – Mario vs Zelda

Good Morning Topic 25.02.2015 – Do You Love a Game Everyone Else Hates?

Good Morning Topic 24.02.2015– Did You Buy a New 3DS?

Good Morning Topic 23.02.2015 – What Game Do You Always Go Back To?


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