Good Morning Topic 10.03.2015 – How Do You Feel About Spoilers?

Video games, movies, books and pretty much anything else. I really hate spoilers.

It’s almost exclusive for me, if someone tells me a spoiler I feel it robs pretty much anything of it’s dramatic effect. I cease caring if I know the twist. Some of you though I bet are the opposite, you just don’t care. For some odd reason though I love speculationno_spoilers, I love trying to spoil things for myself, if I guess right I’m thrilled … maybe that’s why I hate them so much.


How about you? Do you hate spoilers? Or do you embrace them?



3 thoughts on “Good Morning Topic 10.03.2015 – How Do You Feel About Spoilers?

  1. I hate spoilers mostly, especially for things like The Walking Dead which is an issue because we see it later than the US here. I have to avoid all social media and blogs until I’ve watched it!
    I don’t mind spoilers for games so much, in fact, I often seek out secret achievements, and for the games I play, you can’t accidentally complete most of them, I don’t know how people do them without YouTube!
    I waited for all the DLC to come out before playing Mass Effect 3, it was pretty hard to stay away from all the commotion, but I’m so glad I waited! šŸ˜€

    • I’m super serioau about TV spoiler too. I’m still yet to watch Game of Thrones season 3 so have been avoiding anything to do with that show for literally years!

      I’m the same with story based games, except WoW which I constantly read stuff before it goes live.

      And kudos on mass effect 3! That must of been hard to miss šŸ™‚

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