Today in Gaming 26.03.2015 – Star Wars Battlefront News Coming Soon and Liu Kang for MKX

Is a Star Wars Battlefront Reveal On The Way?

EA has re-released the Battlefront tease shown at E3 last year with a new promise that we’ll see more next month.

The potential is that a full reveal for the game could be given at next months Star Wars celebration. The news was tweeted out by the official feed.

We’ll report more when we see the game at the Star Wars celebration.

New Mortal Kombat X Trailer is Gross-tastic

A new trailer for Mortal Kombat X has outed Liu Kang as a playable character.

The trailer, exclusive to a Russian outlet, shows off new footage of not only Liu Kang but also already announced Kung Lao and Kung Jin

Also in the earlier stages of trailer there’s a hint that drunken master Bo’Rai Cho might also return.

Also that Liu Kang fatality at the end… oh my god.

Borderlands The Handsome Collection Has a Serious Day 1 Patch

Borderlands The Handsome Collection has a serious day one patch weighing in at 16GB.

That heavyweight splits down into a 3GB download for Borderlands 2, and 13GB for Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. PlayStation 4 owners are let off a little lighter with a 8.3GB day one patch.


The hefty patch sizes are largely due to The Pre-Sequel’s Claptastic Voyage DLC, which was completed too recently to be included on the Handsome Collection disc. Additionally though they were plenty of bug fixes in there too.

“For The Handsome Collection, a large day-one update will be available giving access to Claptastic Voyage and Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack 2. This update will also address various bugs,” spokesperson Marion Dreo said.

“Although the update is large (as it’s adding an entire and brand new add-on campaign), we strongly recommend that all players download it before playing The Handsome Collection.”

Final Fantasy XV Director Opens Up On All Male Cast

Wonder why the whole cast of Final Fantasy XV is male? Then you’ll be pleased, or not, to hear the explanation from game director Hajime Tabata.

“Speaking honestly, an all-male party feels almost more approachable for players,” Tabata told GameSpot in a recent interview. “Even the presence of one female in the group will change their behaviour, so that they’ll act differently. So to give the most natural feeling, to make them feel sincere and honest, having them all the same gender made sense in that way,”


I find that explanation really odd. But what do you think?

Half-Life 2 HD Update Coming To Steam

A fan created Half Life 2 mod dubbed mod ‘Update’ will be releasing on Steam tomorrow free of charge.


IGN reports “The 7GB add-on serves up a number of visual enhancements, including improved lighting effects and more detailed environmental textures. A number of bugs that plagued the original PC release have been fixed as well.”


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