Today in Gaming 27.03.2015 – Bioware Can’t Talk Dragon Age DLC Exclusivity and Bloodborne Patches

Bioware Can’t Tell You When Dragon Age Inquistion DLC is Coming to PS4/PS3

Fans of Dragon Age Inquisition on PlayStation Platforms will be happy to know that Jaws of Hakkon will come to their platform at some point.


Bioware’s  executive producer Mark Darrah revealed as much via selection of tweets. Only thing is Bioware is bound by the Microsoft exclusivity deal and unable to say when it will come.

“We can not discuss when Jaws of Hakkon will be coming on other platforms,” he wrote. “We are looking into options.”

Here’s hoping PlayStation fans don’t have long wait.

Bloodborne Patch Inbound to Fix Progression Bug

A major bug fix will come to Blooodborne in the next week to fix a serious progression bug.

There’s some minor spoilers that follow but here’s the gist of the problem.


A bug is causing an important item: the Lunarium Key to not spawn. The criteria to trigger the bug involves ringing the Small Resonant Bell or the Sinister Resonant Bell in the Forbidden Woods area, items that initiate co-op and PvP play respectively.

FromSoftware should launch hot fix 1.02 in the coming days.

Hearthstone Expansion Coming Next Week

The Hearthstone expansion Blackrock Mountain will launch next week.

Windows, Mac, iPad and Android tablet users will get the expansion April 2nd in the Americas, and 3rd April in Europe, Korea, Taiwan and China.


The rollout begins with the release of the first wing, Blackrock Depths.

Goro Isn’t Limited to MKX Pre-Orders

NetherRealm studios revealed during a live stream players who do not pre-order Mortal Kombat X will be able to purchase the Goro DLC at later date.


The developer did not clarify how long those who don’t pre-order would have to wait.


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