Weekly Round-Up 29.03.2015


Soldner-X 2: Final Prototype Vita Review


“Soldner-X 2: Final Prototype is a solid horizontal space shooter with plenty of challenge and re-playability packed into seven fairly short levels. Level design is challenging enough in lower difficulties to keep novice players occupied whilst harder modes are more than enough to keep veteran high score chasers happy. Final Prototype checks every basic horizontal shooter requirement off the list, but does so with no flare or sense of style. Stages are visually uncreative, ship and boss design is generic and collectable points in the stage are suspiciously similar to Sonic The Hedgehog rings. Soldner-X 2: Final Prototype is a fine horizontal shooter, but one with no pizazz.”

Opinion Short – Timed Exclusive DLC Is Gross, Just Stop

“Exclusive downloadable content, timed or not, feels plain gross. It’s a business practice that doesn’t benefit the consumer at all, existing only line the pockets of publishers and console manufacturers. From their point of view I understand. Publishers, developers and hardware manufacturers are companies ran by real people with real families who need to eat, just like you and I. Giving you a fun product might be why many of them joined the industry, but the simple reality is they need to get paid. Thing is, I’d like them to get paid without resorting to abominable methods that hurt consumers, methods like platform exclusive DLC.”

Adventures In Gaming #7 – Starting Castlevania Symphony of the Night


“A few weeks ago I set out on a sample mission: to play two of the most important Metroidvania games ever made. Those were Super Metroid on SNES and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night on PS1. Responsible for sparking off a whole genre it felt like I owed both games a play through for the first time ever. Last week I finished my time with Super Metroid, and I really liked it. This week I moved onto Castlevania: Symphony of the Night; I’m less impressed.”

Looking Back at Great Games #5 – Animal Crossing

“There’s never been a game that has hit me so out of left field than Animal Crossing. Launching on the Gamecube in the West but originally on N64 in Japan Animal Crossing is the worlds most cutesy life simulator. When I first played the game as a young teenager it was the first time I was exposed to anything like it. There was a real time clock in game, as the hours I played passed in the real world so too did they in my virtual town. My little sandbox where everything I did was persistent, and when I wasn’t there the world knew it, I was enamoured by Animal Crossing for months.”

Superhero Corner #6 – I Believe in Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor


“Earlier this week we got our first look at Jessie Eisenberg playing Lex Luthor in Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice.  The film might be still over one year away but we’ve already seen glimpses of the titular heroes as well as Wonder Woman and now Lex Luthor. Whilst all previously released images have came out via social media this creepy black and white mug shot of Luthor was posted by Entertainment Weekly. A picture says one thousand words, but I thought it’d be interesting to share my thoughts on the character and Eisenberg’s casting.”

Videogame Soundtrack Spotlight: The Black Mages

“The Black Mages create remixes of iconic Final Fantasy tracks, and less well known ones. Headed up by Final Fantasy 1-10 composer Nobuo Uematsu the remixes retain the soul of their original counterparts and range from Final Fantasy 7’s Still more Fighting to some fantastic Final Fantasy 9 ones too. These tracks are must listen for fans of the older Final Fantasy games.”

A Week in Gaming Day by Day

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Good Morning Topics

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