Today in Gaming 02.04.2015 – Mario Kart 8 Speeds up to 200cc and Quantum Break Pushed to 2016

Mario Kart 8 to get a 200cc mode

150cc has long been the traditional top speed for Mario Kart, but that’s about to change.

A new free DLC patch coming in April will up Mario Kart 8’s top speed to a blistering 200cc. The pack was revealed in a Nintendo Direct yesterday, alongside a bunch of new in game Amiibo costumes.


It will be available as a free update on April 23rd. We named Mario Kart 8 GoTY 2014. Here’s Why.

Xbox One Exclusive Quantum Leap Delayed to 2016

Remedy Entertainment’s Xbox One exclusive Quantum Leap has been pushed to 2016.

Since it’s announcement we’ve seen little of the Alan Wake developers latest project. Creative director Sam Lake announced the extra wait – explaining they needed more time for “polish”.


“We thank our fans for their patience and, want them to know that the team is taking advantage of this opportunity to polish and fine tune the game to create the kind of standout entertainment experience they’ve come to expect from us.”Lake wrote in a new blog post.

Binding of Isaac Coming to 3DS, Wii U and Xbox One

Binding of Isaac Rebirth will launch on 3DS, Wii U and Xbox One in the near future according to it’s developer.

In at tweet creator Edmund McMillen announced the game will come to 3DS, Wii U and Xbox One “Soonish”.

Binding of Isaac Rebirth is already available on PC, Mac, PlayStation 4, PS Vita, and PS3.

Kingdom Come Deliverance Delayed Until Summer 2016

Medieval RPG Kingdom Come Deliverance has been delayed until 2016.

Originally targeting a December 2015 developer Warhorse Studios has announced the delay as they’ve fallen behind schedule.


Although we make great progress every month, there is still a lot of work ahead of us,” said Warhorse’s Jiří Rýdl. “We feel obliged to our backers to deliver the game with promised stretch goals in the best quality, thus we have decided to postpone the release date to summer 2016.”

“We have made a great progress in 2014 as you can see in the last video update, we doubled our staff, moved to new offices, built a motion capture studio, released technology alpha, finished the quests documentation, made bigger map, implemented AI, prepared assets for new locations, tested the console versions, made first original music tracks and much more,”

Ducktales Remastered Comes to Mobile Devices

DuckTales Remastered is now available on iOS and Android devices along with Windows Phone.


Priced at £7.99 / $9.99, DuckTales Remastered is WayForward’s modern remake of the classic 1989 NES game.


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