Weekly Round-Up 06.04.2015


Bloodborne Impressions – How I Feel So Far


Labyrinthine, difficult and very long. That just about sums up Bloodborne, and articulates exactly why I haven’t put a review up for the game yet, as much as I would like to. Like almost anyone writing a review I don’t want to publish my final word until I’m done with an experience, and ideally have had time to marinate in my thoughts. It’s unfair to readers and developers alike to publish an inaccurate review that misrepresents a game. So the world will have to wait a little longer for a full review.

Opinion Short – Tales From The Borderlands is Telltale’s Best Series So Far

It might only be two episodes in to it’s run, but I’m already poised to call Tale From the Borderlands my favourite Telltale game series. Where The Walking Dead wanted to make you emotional and The Wolf Among Us wanted to make you a detective Borderlands wants only to make you laugh. And I find that utterly endearing. In the first two episodes Borderlands has embraced it’s mission to make players smile and worries about nothing else. Writing and characterisation hit the mark flawlessly, simply being on Pandora with heroes Rhys and Fiona feels great. If the rest of the five episode season retains this sort of quality then I’m convinced it’ll be Telltale’s best series so far.

Adventures In Gaming #8 – Delving Deeper Into Castlevania


Last week I began playing the PlayStation 1 version of Castlevania Symphony of the Night on PlayStation Vita. After a few hours I was starting to understand what I was doing, but couldn’t really see why the game is still regarded as one of the best Metoridvania ever. At the time of release SotN got incredible reviews from a large number of outlets. After playing for a few mores hours, delving deeper into Dracula’s castle and developing my thoughts further, I’m sad to say that I’m still not sold on Symphony’s iconic status.

Superhero Corner #7 – Where Does DareDevil Fit into MCU?


Marvel’s original Daredevil Netflix series is nearly upon us. This April the blind crime fighter will begin his conquest to rid the city of New York of street level crime, and so too will his rise from nothing coincide with the nefarious King-Pins climb to villainous prominence. One question about the series though is ongoing in my mind, where exactly does Daredevil fit into Marvels established movie cinematic universe? From where I’m standing it doesn’t seem to fit at all.

Videogame Soundtrack Spotlight – Castlevania Symphony of The Night

Earlier this week I started playing Symphony of the Night. I didn’t love it like so many seem to, but you can read more of that here. One thing I did enjoy though was the music.

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