Weekly Round-Up 12.04.2015

A Quiet Week

Gamerree has been pretty quiet this week. In part this is due to a quieter week for video game news, but also because my life has been busier. I run this website alone, every piece of content is designed, written and edited by myself. I hope you appreciate that this is of course a re reasonably large task. As I do all of this around my full time job and real life there are times that I’m too busy to update the site. This week I’ve been focusing on job prospects, as much as I’d love to do this full time I can’t.


Heroes of The Storm Impressions



“Ever since I played League of Legends to try and understand what a MOBA is I’ve been dying to play Blizzard’s Heroes of the Storm. I’m hardly the biggest Blizzard fan in the world, but I couldn’t ignore the appeal of playing the role of some of my favourite heroes from the developers games – Warcraft in particular. Besides a base level of brand awareness HotS had me intrigued because it promised to be something no MOBA before it has been: casual. As a genre MOBA’s have been intrinsically hardcore, born out of a mod for Blizzards own Warcraft 3 games like DoTA 2 and League of Legends exist as hugely popular e-sports.Now I’ve managed to play Heroes I can say that Blizzards approach isn’t hardcore at all.”

Videogames Soundtrack Spotlight – Bloodborne

“I wanted a way to shower praise on Bloodborne without a review anyway. And thankfully I found a way by highlighting its soundtrack. I can’t remember playing a game with a soundtrack so packed with tenseness. Below is one of my favorite tracks. During the course of the track the speed of music increases and becomes more powerful. I didn’t notice the sneaky composer do that until after I listed to the music back. He was making the OST tense without me realising.”

Today in Gaming

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Good Morning Topic

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