Opinion Short – I Told You Ant-Man Would Be Awesome

For a little while now I’ve been looking forward to Ant-Man. Yes, even more than Age of Ultron. The last time Marvel took a creative leap of faith with Guardians of the Galaxy I supported them the whole way – from announcement to release. And I was rewarded with a sci-fi epic with fantastic humour. With Ant-Man I resolved to do the same, I believed Marvel could turn any odd-ball idea into a movie worth seeing. With the new Ant-Man trailer launching earlier today I feel more confident about supporting the goofy idea than ever before. Now without mincing my words I’ll say this: I’m seriously looking forward to Ant-Man more than any other movie on the Marvel slate. See the trailer for yourself below:

Let’s start with a simple note. I’m not an Ant-Man fan, nor am I comic book teaser. I adore both Marvel’s cinematic universe, and the one DC is striving to build. But outside of the characters shown to me in those films I’m a stranger to super hero literature. To you me there were five superheroes: Wonder Woman, Batman, Spider-Man, Hulk and Superman. Those five were the only ones who pierced the cultural conciousness as a whole, including myself. It was only when Marvel released Iron Man that I was introduced to larger world of heroes, and subjected to “The Avengers”. And though it’s hard to believe now, most people were like me they’d never heard of Iron Man.

To the world outside of comic readers Tony Stark was naught more than an odd-ball in a high tech suit. Yet over night he went from an unknown quantity to the face of Marvel branding, and arguably as well known as the top tier of comic book hero pantheon: Superman, Spider-Man and Batman. Spider-Man was no longer Marvel’s golden boy. At the time though Iron Man was chosen to launch their cinematic universe purely because Marvel had sold off the movie rights to their bigger characters off to third parties. X-Men and Spider-Man were not an option on the table. Instead the comic book company was forced to make an unusual move, and translate an unknown quantity to the big screen projecting them into the minds of the casual movie going audience.

History tells us Marvel’s gamble paid off. But not just with Iron Man. So over the last few years have heroes like Captain America, Thor, Black Widow and the Guardians of the Galaxy grown from positions of obscurity into some of the most popular heroes around. In the case of Guardians and Thor Marvel has succeeded in transforming fairly out-there ideas into fully fledged multi-million dollar franchises. It seems Marvel’s care with their franchises and incredible work to slattern heroes from the page to big screen knows no bounds. Which is exactly why Ant-Man always fascinated me, and why I was always so excited.


From the word go I never doubted Marvel could make Ant-Man big (haha! Pun.) See a talking raccoon hanging out with a living tree is pretty risky, but Marvel made it awesome. To me then it was impossible for them to fail with Ant-Man. The new trailer says it all,uniquely scripted action scenes, mad fights and on the mark humour – jokes that I might add in my opinion slay the poor attempts in the Age of Ultron trailer. If anyone can watch the trailer without smiling at the last clip, well they’re dead inside. Ant-Man is what Marvel does best, they’ll take this ridiculous idea and create a fantastic movie. And I can’t wait to see it.

In the future I’ll get to enjoy Black Panther, Captain Marvel, The Inhuman’s and Dr Strange – I’ll look forward to all of them more than the sequels too (except maybe civil war). Marvel is truly brilliant at brining heroes to life on the big screen. Let’s see them do it again.


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