Bloodborne Review

From a reviewers point of view Bloodborne is intimidating, in my impressions I called it “labyrinthine, difficult and very long“. Then I had played for mere hours, since then I’ve sunk days into FromSoftware’s spiritual successor to Dark Souls to reach the end; I can confirm that Bloodborne carries those traits all the way through. Bloodborne’s difficulty…


Good Morning Topic 14.04.2015 – Did You Buy Mortal Kombat X

Mortal Kombat X comes out today. Is everyone excited? I had every intention of buying the gory fighter the day it launched. But things haven’t turned out that way. Between Bloodborne, Dark Souls II and Borderlands I simply don’t have time. And that sucks. Let me live through you, are you getting MKX?


Videogame Soundtrack Spotlight – Dragon Age Inquisition Tavern Songs

I’m going to be frank with you right off the bat. I don’t care much for Dragon Age’s soundtrack, never have. But these bard songs deserve praise. The games inn is home to the a lovely bard who sings tens of songs based on the exploits of you and your followers. The songs are super…